Monday, 24 August 2009

La Roux v Little Boots: FIIIIIIIGGHHTT!!!

Gobby 80's electro-popper Elly Jackson - yes, her out of La Roux - has been shooting her mouth off again, this time, bless her, pitying the infinitely more talented Little Boots.

Jackson says Victoria Hesketh - yes, her out of Little Boots - has received unfair criticism over her album Hands, which failed to perform to expectations by reaching just 5 in the album charts.

The be-quiffed one said: “The reaction she got was so unfair. Hype can be a very dangerous thing, it can accelerate people’s expectations. We felt the same about our album but we have got away with it.”

Now, that might seem fair enough, but as usual with Jackson there seems to be a snidey undertone to her words. And we don't like it.

And it's not the first time she's put her foot in her mouth. After her initial success, she said: "It wasn't like I was jumping for joy, or anything - when you hear you're number two in the charts, it's great, but you can't feel it. It's just a fact, and it's very hard to feel a fact."

Well, it's not a fact that I've slept with Scarlett Johansson, but if it was, I think I would feel pretty good about it. I'd be ecstatic, in fact.

And even more stupidly, she slagged off the state of the pop charts, er, while she was doing well in the pop charts.

"To me, pop music has always had two sides. It's always had the Backstreet Boys side, music for kids, the novelty tracks and one-hit-wonder side. And the other side is the classier side such as David Bowie, The Beatles, Prince and Michael Jackson.

"I just feel like this side is missing too much, and have a lot of this boy/girl band, novelty song, one-hit-wonder going on."

What, like you? She's also had a pop at R 'n' B in her time, but we don't like it either so she can have that one.

We'll leave you with this golden nugget: "I wanted things to build gradually. But, because of the internet, it's hard to keep things low-key these days."

Poor baby...

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