Tuesday, 6 October 2009

VV Brown - Game Over

I really want to dislike VV Brown. I hate her faux-alternativeness, her desperation to do anything going in her pursuit of success, her hair, her name, pretty much everything about her. She seems to be everywhere, yet somehow I’ve avoided almost all of her music. Until now. So I was all set to deliver a written sucker punch to her flailing career. Kick a woman while she’s down? Why the hell not.

But annoyingly, I like ‘Game Over’. It’s bold and brash, somehow modern yet retro-styled, but more than anything, it makes you want to dance, and that’s what pop music is all about. Well it should be. And there’s none of this breakdown rubbish, calming things down for a bit in the middle of the song. Oh no. If anything it builds in pace to a thrilling climax, and the hooks, of which there are plenty, will live with you for hours. You’ll probably wake up humming it and cursing yourself.

It’s the fourth single from her debut album, which tanked despite all the hype and the promo, but ‘Game Over’ might just be the track that earns her the success she so craves. VV Brown has won me over. Whether the public is as fickle remains to be seen.

This review was written for Muso's Guide.

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