Sunday, 5 July 2009

Brit Dan's American Triathlon Dream

This is an article I wrote as part of an application for a job at a triathlon magazine...

Ex-pat Dan Sheerin is looking to make his way in the cut-throat world of triathlon after moving to America and becoming the team captain for the Sony Pictures Triathlon Team.

Dan said: “I first got into triathlon when I was doing my masters at Bournemouth University. I made friends with 2 guys and one of them was a keen triathlete from South Africa.

“As I and the other friend, Alex, were very sporty, it didn't take much encouragement to give triathlons a go.”

Like many triathletes, Dan has a natural predisposition for one of the three events that make up triathlon.

He said: “My favourite discipline would have to be cycling. I love being out on my bike. I have always had a mountain bike in the past so it is only recently that I have concentrated on road cycling.”

With a handful of events already under his belt Dan is looking to push on with three more triathlons planned for the rest of the year.

His first event was an Olympic length triathlon in Bournemouth. He explains: “I had no idea how to prepare for the swim and this really showed. I had no proper warm up and this led to a real shock when entering the choppy and cold water.

“I also wasn't looking forward to the run so it is typical to want to hold back slightly. The run felt really slow at first. I got into my stride and as a result I actually ran my target time.

“Finishing the race caused a flood of emotions but I loved it. I was totally hooked but I knew I had a lot to focus on to improve my results.”

Dan is certainly one to keep an eye out for as he continues to improve as a triathlete.

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