Monday, 15 June 2009


So I decided it's about time I had my own little corner of this here interweb thing.

Here's a bit about me, although you probably know most of it already...

My name is Jamie Smith. I'm 21 years old and have just finished a Journalism degree at the University of Sunderland. It wasn't very good. While I was there I was Deputy Editor of The Wear, an internally-produced second year newspaper, then later Editor of the same publication. In my final year I was Editor of the Students' Union magazine Degrees North.

I also appeared regularly on the Uni's radio station Utopia FM (now Spark FM, for some stupid reason known only to head honchos at the place), on three different shows - Sporting Heads, which I helped to launch and later went on to be named Best News and Sport Show on the station during the most recent broadcast, The Community Drive, hosted by Rory Auskerry, and finally my own show A Cultural Utopia with Stephen Milnes, which aired twice in May, and will probably appear online at some point.

Amongst all that fun I wrote for the now sadly defunct The Music Magazine, The Crack, Clarets Mad and FansOnline Burnley.

I think that's enough about me now. I'm boring myself with all these links.

This little blog (whose name is bloody awful, I can only apologise. It's Monday. I am devoid of creativity) will act as a showpiece portfolio type thing for me as I look for someone to give me a job. It will eventually contain all sorts of articles I've written in the past as well as new stuff as and when the words come from my brain.

That'll do I think...any questions?


  1. Utopia is now called Spark??

    that sucks

  2. So the rumour goes mate! Because the Uni's logo is a spark, apparently. Means they have some link to the Uni without making it too student-obvious. Or something.


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